Human Services Collaborative

Our Mission

To build a greater Peoria area by recognizing the impact of – and leveraging support for – everyone’s well-being.

Who We Are

A network of human service agencies that provide crucial, unique, and significant services in the Greater Peoria, Illinois Area.

Our Goals

To confirm the participating agencies’ role as:

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partners in a
growing economy

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valuable contributors
to a thriving community

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investors in
human capital

Economic Impact FY21

Review our impact on the Greater Peoria Area.

What We Do

The Human Services Collaborative came together in 2012 to enhance the perception of community stakeholders concerning the economic impact and supportive services provided by not-for-profit human service organizations.

A community is like a house. In order to build a strong home that can withstand storms and provide a safe place for people to live inside, it needs a team – people who are experts in their own fields – to contribute to the process and come together for the creation of something for the greater good. Plumbers, architects, electricians, roofers, and designers work together to create something sustainable.

Similarly, the agencies that make up the Human Services Collaborative are all experts in their fields and contribute to the greater good of the Peoria Area community.

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